REF. 16040867-OPPORTUNITY IN THE HEART OF THE BANK OF THE DUERO. Sale of participations or Winery. CAPACITY: the winery this dimensioned for develop to 200,000 litres, (there is space outside enough and prepared the soil and reostata in case of enlargement). Consists of three areas perfectly distinct and separate, area of elaboration, area of barrels and area of bottles, to the same time complies all the normative in separation physical of bottled and labeled.<br>BARRELS: right now there are almost fifty, and depending on the time is replaced or is acquired more, have arrived to have to any more than two hundred.<br>LABELS: Currently we have three own brands.<br>WINERY: This in asset fully, with all equipment, machines and tools and selling and even export.<br>COLLECTION of grape: It is direct to crushing, and with pump driven deposits that may be appropriate.<br>BOTTLING AND LABELING WITH SPEED OF UP TO 1,200 BOTTLES HOUR.<br>VINEYARDS: not has vineyards in property, we have supplied of them own that have and of family or of farms agreed and controlled by us and our winemaker.<br>Investment: 850,000.-euros.

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