REF. 15072793-3,217 has establishment olive in ARGENTINA EXCEPTIONAL ESTABLISHMENT OLIVE, ONE OF THE MORE IMPORTANT OF THE ARGENTINA, COMPLETELY MECHANIZED, WITH IRRIGATION, MACHINERY OF FIRST LEVEL, IMPROVEMENTS OF WORK AND HELMETS EXCEPTIONAL AND VERY GOOD LEVEL PRODUCTIVE, WITH SURFACE AVAILABLE FOR EXPAND. LOCATION VICHIGASTA-province of the Rioja Argentina Valley of Famatina and Guandacol To 190 Km of the Rioja Capital To 1100 km of Buenos Aires DESCRIPTION Olive production scheme consists of four farms. Three of them located in the Valley of Famatina (recognized internationally by its potential productive) and the other is located in the Valley of Guandacol. ! AREA PLANTED: there are 1.122 acres (age of the plantation: 4 to 8 years) All the surface planted equipped with irrigation by drip PRESSURIZED. Wells with pumps between 100 and 200 HP, placed between 80 and 100 meters deep. TEAM of irrigation interconnected, which allow watering the same sector or lot from different pumps. VARIETY: Arbequina, Barnea, Coratina, Picual, Manzanilla, Hojiblanca, Arbosana PRODUCTION ANNUAL estimated: 16,800 tons of olives by year (2,520 tonnes of oil of olive). The plantation must be ?! ! ? reach age adult to achieve the maximum production. From the eighth year of planting is would be achieving the maximum production (15,000 Kg of olives per hectare) EMPLOYEES: 62 employees (includes jobs management, administration, employees of industry, employees of field and employees of maintenance). COMBINE HARVESTERS: 3 COLOSSUS AND 1 VIBRATING SIDE BY SIDE WTO OWN AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT OWN MAINTENANCE TEAMS 6 warehouses (covered area: 4,000 cubic meters) 6 houses ! Characteristics of planted areas Annual rainfall of 100 - 110 mm: dry weather gives the region an excellent level of health since it avoids the presence and proliferation of pests and diseases. These features facilitate the obtaining of fruits in optimal state avoiding the use of pesticides. Altitude 800/1100 meters above sea level: these geographical characteristics favour the temperature range (temperature difference between day and night). The amplitude thermal encourages the lipogenesis (formation of oil) and the concentration of polyphenols (antioxidants natural) within the fruit. Abundant groundwater flow: allows a proper programming and irrigation management, and thus to obtain the optimum result at the time of harvest. Land cultivated with pending: allow the dispersal of masses of air cold, what decreases possible damage by freezing that could suffer the fruit. Varieties planted: schema multi-varietal The particular scheme is composed of varieties: Arbequina, Barnea, Coratina, Picual, Manzanilla, Hojiblanca, Arbosana, and others. He scheme multi-varietal allows keep a volume constant of production, attenuating the effects of the masting and extends the period of the harvest, avoiding the work intensive without resign quality of the product. It facilitates the development of courts (blend) to obtain oils with specific organoleptic characteristics. ! ! ? Process of harvesting and extraction of oil Harvest mechanized Apply supplementary shaped two types of technologies, making the extraction of green fruits in optimal conditions. There are combines updip type (brand name COLOSSUS) and other type side by side (of American origin), which turns by vibrated. both with automatic collection of fruits, avoiding contact of the fruit with the man. Mechanization in this stage facilitates the continuity of harvest and logistics of the fruit, managing to minimize the time in which this is processed, thus preserving the integrity of the oil contained. From the moment that the fruit is harvested they begin processes degradativos aerobic and anaerobic affecting levels of acidity of the oil. Thanks to our technology of harvesting and milling capacity, the fruits are processed before 7 am. from the time of its collection, ensuring thus, oils with low rate of acidity. Grinding, extraction and storage The company has with Italian, Spanish and German technology for the stages of washing, crushing and oil extraction by centrifuges working in two phases. The milling capacity exceeds annual production, which facilitates the company an intensive campaign, to ensure the optimum ripeness of fruit at the time of extracting the oil. He constant control of the matter prima to the entry of the process and the monitoring of the temperature in the different stages of it extraction guarantee the last link in the process productive. A time retrieved the oil, the same is kept in tanks of steel stainless, in atmosphere of Nitrogen to maintain the integrity of the oil until the time of his office. FARMS and improvements that make up the property Same rules 1 and 2 of 1,459 has 4 houses 4 sheds 1 scale for trucks 1 plant of extraction of oil: 3 lines of extraction: (Royal milling capacity: 300) TONS of olives per day) ?! ! 49 stainless oil tanks (total capacity of storage: 2.200.000 litres) 3 filters 1 laboratory equipped (includes equipment from resonance for measuring) (from grease and gas chromatograph to measure acid fatty) 1 machine of bottled (1,000 bottles per hour) ! FARM 3 2 bed 1 barn FARM 4 Barn House! VALUATION TOTAL FOR SALE: U$ S 38.000.000 ! Commission of 3% of the final sales price buyer!

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